If you run an outbound firewall such as Little Snitch you may come accross notifications which say,

wants to connect to radarsubmissions.apple.com on TCP port 443
IP Address
Reverse DNS Name radarsubmission.apple.com”

From what I have been able to figure out this is a service on Mac OS X which submits diagnostic information to Apple. It typically starts to pop up after one or more applications have crashed. It if likely these reports identify which applications you have running, along with other system information.

If you do not wish to submit this information the easiest way to turn it off (on Snow Leopard) is to open the Console (spotlight for “Console” and you should find it easily).

In Console bring up the Preferences. You should see this:

Console Preferences

Remove the tick from the box indicated in the above image.

If you have privacy concerns (or just don’t like software sending data online without your permission) you can also tell Little Snitch (or the free TCPBlock) to Deny the connection, Globally.

I am told this preference option is NOT there on OS X LION. Apple has a habit of removing things that were useful. Sometimes for the better, sometimes not. In this case Apple have made it easier and more logical with regards to turning this “feature” off.

If you use OS X LION (10.7+) this info will tell you plenty about diagnostic reporting and how to turn it off (or just read on for instructions): http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?path=Mac/10.7/en/mh27990.html

Basically, you have to go to the PRIVACY section of the Security & Privacy Preferences. Here’s the instructions:

Opt-out of automatic reporting (on OS X Lion)

You can change your reporting options at any time:

  1. Choose Apple >System Preferences, click Security & Privacy, and then click Privacy.Open the Privacy pane of Security & Privacy preferences  <— Click this link to open the panel now
  2. Deselect “Send diagnostic and usage data to Apple.”

Diagnostic and usage information will no longer be sent to Apple.

UPDATE: Well, making the above-mentioned change in the Lion preferences is meant to stop this information from being submitted. Oddly enough, it appears Apple is ignoring their own privacy settings in Lion. I am not sure what more to suggest except to use Little Snitch to permanently block it. Alternatively, if you don’t wish to invest in a program like Little Snitch, you can simply edit the Hosts file on your Mac as per the following instructions.

Blocking Automatic Reporting with the Hosts file

Here’s an easy way to block any application (or system process) for accessing the Internet. It’s free and simple. We’ll use what is called the Hosts file. If you are not familiar with changing the Hosts file I recommend you do it using a free application called Gas Mask. You can download Gas Mask from here: http://bit.ly/L6Y680

Install Gas Mask by dragging it to your Applications folder, as per normal. Gas Mask will likely ask you for your password the first time you run it. This is because the Hosts file it is going to modify is a system protected file. In Gas Mask you will add a line that looks like this:     radarsubmission.apple.com

Just put this line at the end of the Hosts file. Hit save. You’re done. Now when your misbehaving Mac tries to connect to Apple’s Radar Submission server, it will be referred back to your computer  which in effect makes the submission process “think” you are not online.