Friday, February 23, 2024

IOS Jailbreak issue: double-click home button multitasking crash

I recently updated my iPod Touch 4G to IOS 5.01. It had been sitting on 4.3.2 for the longest time and was having issues requiring a full restore. So I figured I’d move up to 5.0.1.

I used a Cydia package backup solution (OpenBackup and AptBackup and PkgBackup) to automatically reinstall all my previous Cydia packages and settings. All went well, except for one thing. Double-clicking on the home button would cause a Springboard crash, and it would restart into Safe Mode.

Extensive research online did not indicate exactly what the problem was caused by, just that some tweak was likely causing the crash. I figured out the one causing the crash was called “Multitasking Time 2”. It displays the time above the row of multitasking app icons which appears after the double-click of the home button (by default, unless one has changed that action using Activator or the like).

If you have this issue of a crash after double-clicking the home button on IOS 5.0.1 and you have “Multitasking Time 2” installed, remove it and see what happens.


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