Monday, February 26, 2024

Tinker with Mac OS X System settings

There are many tools (software applications) available for tweaking and adjusting the more advanced and sometimes hidden or obscured system and application settings on your Mac OS X computer. TinkerTool is a great application for fine-tuning your OS X system and it is free. Rather than trying to describe in words everything it does, I will give you pictures of every screen of options.  A picture tells a thousand words, right?

Finder Tweaks

Make changes to the way Finder behaves…

TinkerTool finder

Dock Tweaks

Fine tune your Mac OS X Dock, its features and behaviour: single application mode, add Stacks to your Dock, and makes changes to Launchpad…

TinkerTool dock

General Tweaks

Tinker with the keyboard and scrolling devices, system wide screen shot options, window animations, and some application features…

TinkerTool general

Desktop Tweaks

TinkerTool desktop

Application Tweaks

TinkerTool applications

System Font Tweaks

TinkerTool fonts

Font Smoothing Tweaks

TinkerTool fontsmoothing

Login Item Tweaks

TinkerTool loginitems

Safari Tweaks

TinkerTool safari

iTunes Tweaks

TinkerTool itunes

QuickTime X Tweaks

TinkerTool quicktime

Resume Tweaks

TinkerTool resume

Reset all Tweaks

And if you want to reset everything back to the way it was before you started tinkering…

TinkerTool reset

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