Monday, November 27, 2023

Craig’s List desktop software for Mac OS X

Coming from New Zealand, Craig’s List was only something I’d heard and read about. There might be a Craig’s List there now, but when I was last living there, we didn’t have a Craig’s List. Recently I tried using Craig’s List in the USA to search for some 2nd hand equipment. What a nightmare. How this site and service has become dso popular is a mystery to me. Perhaps if I live in one location and wanted to find things for sale, or public notices, etc., in my local area Craig’s list might be at least a bit easier to use because I’d only be honing in on one city or town. But I simply pass through the USA and really don’t mind where the item I am looking for comes from. When I search on Craig’s List I might in fact want to search a whole region (such as the entire East Coast) or perhaps the entire country.

What I would find myself doing is using a site-specific search on Google (i.e. Macbook Pro 17inch ). The trouble is that such a search will typically turn up loads of deleted and expired listings. Craig’s List is like a public notice board and there are layers of old notices sitting on there, covered over by new ones. This adds another issue to the poor web architecture of Craig’s List.

Figuring I am not the first person to notice how early 1990’s the site is in its design and implementation (i.e. technologically crude and cumbersome), I went looking for a way to manage and interface with Craig’s List from my Mac OS X desktop.

Sure enough, I discovered an excellent Mac OS X application for managing searches on Craig’s List. It is called CraigShopper. This brilliant little (free) app is a simple and effective answer to my Craig’s List woes. I you also find yourself wanting an easier way to navigate through Craig’s List I highly recommend downloading and trying this application.

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