Apple Aperture

I looked high and low for information on how to import photos from my Google Nexus 4 smartphone onto Lightroom on Mac OS X. I didn’t find anything suggesting it was as easy as it is. These instructions will be applicable for whatever software you use to manage to you photos on your Mac (Adobe Lightroom, Apple iPhoto, Google Picasa, Apple Aperture, etc.). These instructions may also apply to other Android devices with Android 4.x and higher.

On the Nexus 4, go to SETTINGS. Bring up the STORAGE settings. Tap the little three square dots icon in the top right corner. Select “USB computer connection“. This will bring up two connection options.

You can select “Media Device (MTP)” which is the default setting and will NOT allow you to import you photos. The other option is to select “Camera (PTP)“. This mode will allow you to import you photos. In Lightroom, for instance, the device immediately appears as “Nexus” in the photo importer.

Remember, you will need to switch back to MTP mode if you wish to use the various file transfer programs and sync programs such as Android File Transfer.

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