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How to create a FAVICON in Photoshop for Mac OS X

Generating a FAVICON (.ICO) file with Adobe Photoshop CS5, CS6, and CC (Creative Cloud) requires a simple plugin.

Download the CS5/CS6 version of the ICO Format plugin from here:

You’re looking for this (or something newer):

ICO FAVICON plugin photoshop mac os x

Open the DMG file you have downloaded.

Install the .plugin file from the DMG, by copying it to the following folder:

/Applications/Adobe Photoshop CC/Plug-ins/

(Replace CC with CS6 or CS5 if that’s the version of Photoshop you have)

Start or restart Photoshop.

Create your image. Make sure it is a perfect square, and resize it to a maximum of 256×256 pixels BEFORE you try to save it as an .ICO file. If you’re making a FAV ICON for a web page you’d normally go with 16×16 or 32×32 pixels.

Do a Save As… in Photoshop. Select the file format as ICO.

You now have a FAVICON in .ICO format.

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  1. Funny, Photoshop claims to play an important role in the webdesign process. Fireworks ist ceased. But still PS is not able to save a favicon. Also always good for a good laugh: the copy to CSS – “function”.

    I used plugins earlier, but by changing computers they tend to get lost. Nowadays I use an online service like Since PSD isn’t able to save PNGs small enough for a reasonable use on a website I need online services, such as anyway.

  2. Thank you… I got it to work… Adobe should just add that option directly as whenever I create a new version of Photoshop I have to figure out the best plugin to use…

  3. You forgot an important part /Plug-ins/File Formats!

    The .ico save format also will NOT show unless it’s a perfect square, so that can make you think it didn’t install properly when you’re checking to see if it’s there.

  4. I can not get this to work on either of my imacs using Photoshop CC. Not sure why.. I have used this plug many times in the past on my pcs and it worked great. When I try to save using Mac with most recent OSX and Photoshop CC, I get the following error every time.. “Could not save a copy as “favicon.ico” because the file was not found.”

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