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Send real letters via Internet

This article is not strictly Mac related. But it’s worth posting here at best-mac-tips anyway. Whilst email is very handy and convenient, it’s not always the best way to get an important message across to someone. In some cases, a physical letter is hard to beat. Also, depending on the way the service provider has set things up, sending a letter (even via a web service) is likely to be more private than an email message. What’s more, if you already send out postal mail, these services can reduce costs and time, and help you to maintain a paperless office / workflow. Another advantage is delivery time. If you are in New Zelaand, for instance, and have a letter to send to the UK, using an online service will not only get it there cheaper, but much quicker. Using an appropriate service provider, your letter will be sent from a UK origin, and will reach the recipient the very next day. Here are a list of service providers who provide web to post services:

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Email to Postal Mail Services

Pricing Colored Printing Payment Options What’s Unique?
Postal Methods $1 for US addresses and $1.5 for international addresses No Credit Cards More useful for bulk mails as price decreases with volume
Mail a Letter $1 for US addresses and $2 for international addresses Yes Credit Cards, PayPal, Google Checkout You can add a self addressed envelope with the letter
Postful $1 for US addresses and $1.5 for international addresses Yes Credit Cards, PayPal, Google Checkout You can send colored photos as postcards
EZGram $1 for US addresses and $1.6 for non-US addresses Yes Credit Cards and PayPal Supports USPS Priority Mail for quick delivery
L-Mail Around $1 – depends on country No Credit Cards and Debit Cards Supports Brailleand audio letters
Click 2 Mail Recommended for bulk mail Yes Credit Cards Supports Product Flyers, Booklets and Postcards
Email 2 Postal $1 for US addresses No Credit Cards Supports handwritten envelopes and greeting cards
PC 2 Paper $0.8 for UK and $1.5 for non-UK addresses Yes Credit Cards, Paypal and Nochex Offers a real UK based postal address for incoming post
Via Post Prices start at 45p+VAT including printing, stationery, fulfilment and postage Yes Credit cards, debit cards (UK) Provides UK posting only
Pixel Letter Refer to: Yes Credit Cards Provides for EU delivery
SnailMailMe Expensive. Refer to: No An expensive service. Based in Canada.
ePost (India) Prices in Rupees. Rs. 10 per page of A4 size. For Corporate customer ePOST costs  Rs. 6 per page of A4 size & for Bulk it costs Rs. 5/ – per page Yes Based in India, Worldwide postal service.

Most of these services allow for uploading a PDF file, which means you can have a handwritten letter, if you like, and can embed your signature. Some of them (such as PC2PAPER have a driver you can install on your computer (Windows only) that allows for printing directly to their online service.

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