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New iPad Air 2 Reviews and Videos


Apple has released their new iPad Air 2 device. To save you time digging around for video reviews on the iPad Air 2, here is a selection of informative videos about this product, and what you can expect from it. Big question is, if you’re already an iPad Air owner, is it worth splashing out for this new model?

PCMag: Apple iPad 2 Video Review (4:17)

This video from PCMag presents quite a detailed and yet relatively concise review of the iPad Air 2, in just over 4 minutes.


Macworld: iPad 2 review (8:49)

This video from Macworld is longer (twice the length, around 8 minutes) and less concise review to PCMag’s efforts. It perhaps says less than the above review video:



iPad Air 2: The only three things you really need to know

Making up for the lack of precision in the long-winded video from MacWorld (above), they also released a more concise overview that is worth watching in order to decide if this device is worth splashing out for:

The full Apple Oct 2014 Keynote release event

If you have plenty of time on your hands (over an hour and fifteen minutes), and are happy wadding through lots of company propaganda, here’s the full Oct 2014 event on video:

Or, if you prefer, just the iPad related content from the October 2014 event is here:


In a nutshell

My thoughts, in a nutshell (or is that in a SmartCase?) is that if you already own an Apple iPad Air, there’s really no significant reason to upgrade just for the sake of it. The iPad Air 2 offers nothing revolutionary over the previous model. If you don’t have an iPad Air and want/need one, this is obviously a as good a time as any to get your hands on the latest Apple has to offer in this product line. This may also apply if you own a now dated original iPad (pre-Air). Upgrading to the the Air 2 will certainly feel like a leapt forward if you use your device for more than just watching videos and basic stuff.

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