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macOS Safari Address Bar Search not working

Has the search/address bar stopped producing search results on you Safari desktop browser? This simple solution may be all that's required to fix it.

Quicklook preview broken in macOS Monterey

If Quicklook has stopped working properly in macOS Monterey, here's how to potentially fix it.

Stop Apple iTunes or Apple Music from opening automatically

Is Apple Music app automatically opening seemingly on its own accord? Having trouble stopping it from doing so? Here's the solution.

Disable Open external app prompt in Chrome and Brave browser

How to disable the external "Open in" application prompt in Chrome and Brave browsers on macOS.

Wi-Fi network login prompt (“Captive Portal”) not appearing – How to fix

Recently I've stayed at a number of hotels own by IHG (such as Holiday Inn, Intercontinental, and Holiday Inn Express). They all use unsecured...

Disable Microsoft AutoUpdate on macOS (method 2)

A simple way to disable Microsoft AutoUpdates on macOS, without preventing manual updates.