Prevent “Avid Link” from launching automatically

Recently I installed a a trial of Sibelius from Avid Software. Since then an Avid software management application (called Avid Link) automatically loads every time I start my computer.

Avid Link provides no option for disabling this obnoxious feature. What’s more, the app doesn’t show up in the list of macOS Login Items list (found in System Preferences, under Users & Groups), so it can’t be disabled there either. The genius morons (to put it politely) at Avid have decided on our behalf that anyone using any of their applications must always have their licensing, update, messaging, etc., application running on their computer. Wankers.

I see online that people have been complaining about this for years. Previously the application was called Avid Tools. That too would launch automatically, and that too invoked complaints, and people trying to figure out how to disable it.

There’s a simple solution. You’ll need to open and execute the following command:

sudo defaults write /Library/LaunchAgents/com.avid.avidlink.plist RunAtLoad -boolean false

You’ll be prompted for your macOS user password. Enter that, and hit enter. That’s it. Done deal.

What this command does is modify the file /Library/LaunchAgents/com.avid.avidlink.plist such that the RunAtLoad variable is set to false. This, in effect, tells macOS to not launch Avid Link at system start-up.

Problem solved.

Let me know if the comments below if this works for you, or not.

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  1. Brilliant, and I appreciated your perfect description of the thinking behind the Avid decision to open Avid Link by stealth without asking the user, perfect….:)
    Now fixed hopefully, thanks very much.

    • Thanks for your review and comment. Yes, admittedly that day I was feeling a tad pissed off that at Avid Link refusing to stop loading automatically! I hope the fix worked for you. Cheers … J

  2. 1000% agree with your description of the genius-morons who do not let users configure startup at launch options.

    Thanks for the sudo command, Just applied it and will restart to test. But wanted to post agreement with your opinion of Avid UX/product managers.


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