Welcome to Best-Mac-Tips.com. My name is Jonathan, and I have put this site together with the intention of helping you to maximise your satisfaction with with your Mac computer.

I’ve worked as a computer consultant since I was 12. I saved up for and purchased my first computer when around 10, and it was an Apple IIe. After my first computer contract, at 12 (developing a database system for a large engineering company in New Zealand, where I live), I had enough money to purchase all the parts for building a then just release IBM Personal Computer AT, running PC-DOS and soon after that Windows 1.0. It was based on the Intel 80286 processor, so the computer was otherwise known as an IBM XT 286. It had 640kb of RAM (memory) by default, which I expanded to 1mb. That’s around 8000 times less RAM than in my 2010 MacBook Pro. Amazingly that computer (all the parts, which I then built it with) cost me around NZ$4200, which is pretty much the exact same amount my MacBook Pro cost me in 2010, around 23 years later! I stayed with Windows based computers until 2010, at which point I bought my next Apple. For my own business and creative endeavours I’ve used Apple computers exclusively since then.

As a fairly advanced and intensive computer user I dig up a lot of issues, tips, tricks, and tools through using my Mac. Rather than keeping all this information to myself, I figured I might as well share it via a blog. Hence best-mac-tips.com was born. These are the best tips, tricks, tools I have found during my many years as a Mac owner.

May they make the use of your Mac computer easier, more productive, and more enjoyable.