Tuesday, February 20, 2024


Repair damaged RAR files on Mac OS X

Here is an easy and free way to repair complete yet corrupt RAR archive files. It's done in the command line of Terminal using some powerful free RAR utilities.

Jump Quickly to Known Folder Path in file dialogs

Here's a relatively simple tip which you may find useful. You may already know that in Finder you can jump directly to a known folder...

Best Mac OS X Finder Alternatives

Back in the days of Windows being the operating system on my computer, I was unsatisfied with the limited capabilities of Windows Explorer. For...

Multiple Dropbox Accounts on a Mac

I trust you are already familiar with Dropbox. It is a convenient way to store files in the Cloud (on the Internet). I use...

Restarting Finder OS X

If Finder should die or lock up, there are a few ways to restart it. First try right-clicking (two-finder click, context menu click) on the...

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