Sunday, December 3, 2023

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New iPad Air 2 Reviews and Videos

Apple has released their new iPad Air 2 device. To save you time digging around for video reviews on the iPad Air 2, here is a selection of informative videos about this product, and what you can expect from it. Big question is, if you're already an iPad Air owner, is it worth splashing out for this new model?

Free open-source end-to-end encryption iPhone app

There's now a free and open-source way to securely encrypt calls on iPhone, and its cross compatible with Android callers too. It's easy to install, and easy to use. Free txt messaging is on the way too. Check it out.

Convert FLAC to iTunes lossless iTunes format (m4a)

FLAC is an open source lossless audio format. Apple choose not to support it. So how do we play FLAC audio files in iTunes and on iDevices?

Run Android apps on Mac OS X desktop

It's possible to run Android apps (like Whatsapp, for instance) on the Mac OS X desktop. It's super simple to do. Here's how.

Tips for Sharing Macbook Internet with iPod Touch

The Apple MacBooks are able to share their Internet connection over Airport. Let's say you have your MacBook plugged onto an Ethernet cable, or...

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