Mac Enhancements

Floating app windows

Here is an easy way to make a window in OS X float above all other active and inactive windows. You can also add transparency. And it's free.

Free System Wide Audio Equalizer and VST AU and IRs in Mac OS X

Here's how you can add a free system-wide audio Graphic Equalizer (EQ) in Mac OS X. Better yet, it's free. You can also apply you Audio Unit plug-ins to your system sound. Nice.

Hear and Motu Audio Interface

This is a quite post to people using this computer for audio production. The audio interface I use is the Motu UltraLite mk3 hybrid. It...

Best Mac OS X Finder Alternatives

Back in the days of Windows being the operating system on my computer, I was unsatisfied with the limited capabilities of Windows Explorer. For...

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