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How to Copy-Paste encrypted disk & image passwords in Mac OS X

Here's how you can copy and paste long complex passwords into security dialogs (aka. SecurityAgent) on OS X, particularly when creating and opening encrypted disks and disk images.

ZIP and Archive viewer for OS X QuickLook

If you work with archived files (ZIP, RAR, TAR, etc.) wouldn't it be handy if the OS X QuickLook feature could show you the contents without having to open the file? Here's how to do that...

How to hide Mac OS X App Store update notifications

Are you being pestered by App Store with update notifications you already know about and are not interested in? Here's how to turn the darn things off.

Remove duplicate entries in Open With menu

Open With menu getting loaded with duplicate application entries? Nice one Apple. Here are instructions on how to remove duplicates from the OS X Finder Open With menu.

Free System Wide Audio Equalizer and VST AU and IRs in Mac OS X

Here's how you can add a free system-wide audio Graphic Equalizer (EQ) in Mac OS X. Better yet, it's free. You can also apply you Audio Unit plug-ins to your system sound. Nice.

Diagnosing & Improving Wi-Fi performance on Mac OS X

Here are tips on how to diagnose and improve Wi-Fi performance on your Apple Mac OS X computers and MacBooks. Software tools and general guidance.

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