Friday, December 8, 2023

Unix & Terminal

Using TextEditor from the Command Line

A lot of people find the ASCII based command-line text editors (like Vim) a pain to work with. Here's a few suggestions on how to easily invoke TextEditor (or any other GUI based editor you prefer) from the command line in Terminal.

Five Useful Change Directory Commands in OS X Terminal

A lot can be achieved in the OS X Terminal. It puts you are the command line of your computer! Here are five handy ways to use the cd (change directory) command.

Remove duplicate entries in Open With menu

Open With menu getting loaded with duplicate application entries? Nice one Apple. Here are instructions on how to remove duplicates from the OS X Finder Open With menu.

Repair damaged RAR files on Mac OS X

Here is an easy and free way to repair complete yet corrupt RAR archive files. It's done in the command line of Terminal using some powerful free RAR utilities.

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