Thursday, December 7, 2023

Download Canon Camera Software with no Serial Number

Today I wanted to download the Mac software for my Canon Powershot SD960 IS digital camera. I don’t have the original disk that came with the camera, so I needed to do the download.

When I tried to download the ImageBrowser application I was asked to provide a serial number. I’ve had this camera a few years and the serial number is almost totally unreadable. I can read about 5 of the 10 or more digits. What to do?

A search online provided me with the following valid serial numbers:

  • Range 0910400001 – 0910402496
  • Range 0920400001 – 0920407771
  • Range 0930400001 – 0930417770

These are ranges of serials numbers for the EOS 20D camera, but the software download doesn’t seem to mind what model of camera the serial number comes from. I just plugged in 0910402496 and the download worked fine. I am posting this here incase anyone else has this issue.

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