How to change / spoof MAC address on MacOS, including Big Sur

There’s software that will change your MAC address on all version of MacOS, including Big Sur (11.3.x), Catalina, etc.. You can read about that here.

The software solution that works comes at a hefty price (US$20) considering the menial task it is doing. Below is info on how spoof you MAC address on a MacOS computer, at no cost (except a little time).

Homebrew package

If you’re not familiar with Homebrew, please learn about it here. It is easy to install, and is totally safe to do so. It’s a package manager, that allows you to install a great many “packages” (command-line tools, scripts, applications, etc.) on your Mac computer. It’s going to provide the fastest and easiest solution for freely changing your MAC address on MacOS. The instructions to install are found here.

If you already have Homebrew installed, then install the spoof-mac package. The brew command to use is:

brew install mac-spoof

You will need to run mac-spoof with sudo, because changing your computer’s MAC address needs admin (root) access. If you want to change the MAC address of your WiFi, which is typically using the interface en0, you’d use this command: (remember to disable WiFi first)

sudo mac-spoof randomize en0

Your MacOS MAC access should now be different from what it was. Note, it will reset when you reboot the computer (it’s it is hardware encoded … so you’re only temporarily changing it).

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