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Fixing Facebook layout in a SSB

Facebook on SSB

If you use as an SSB (site specific browser) for Facebook, you may have noticed some display issues. Here’s how to fix them.

[UPDATE: For me, the issues described here were occurring on OS X 10.10.x. I have since updated to 10.11.6, and they have ceased. So the custom CSS provided it this article must be removed if you apply this fix (on 10.10.x, and later upgrade to 10.11.x]

First off, why would one want to put Facebook in an SSB? For me, it’s because I want to have quick and easy in and out (off and on) access to Facebook. Unlike many people, I don’t spend much time on Facebook, but I at the same time realise it can be a fundamental tool for communicating with people (much like email is). So I check in on it when I have to. Having it in an SSB makes that super easy, and doesn’t interfere with my main browser. Which brings me to the other point…


If you log into Facebook (or even have an old Facebook cookie from a previous login, I suspect) Facebook effectively tracks nearly all your movements online. Every site and page you visit, Facebook is likely tracking and recording this. If the site you visit has any Facebook linking elements on it (and nearly every modern web site does) then that element is used to track you. Facebook then gets a great idea of your interests, even what you buy online. Among other perhaps more dubious uses, they can then target you with very specific advertising. So, on my main browsers I have plugins that blog Facebook and Twitter, etc. I have a cookie muncher that eliminates all cookies from these social sites. That prevents the tracking, but it also makes it rather impossible to keep my browser logged into Facebook.

That’s where the SSB comes into play.

Facebook display issues on

In my instance of Facebook on, I was getting the following display issue:


It made it impossible to use much of the menu system in Facebook.

Here’s the fix

Fluid app has a Userstyles panel, which you access from the Window menu. It looks like this (with my fix applied in it):


Open that panel, and at the bottom add the following CSS code:

._585- {
top:-32px !important;
left: 40px !important;
div#u_0_2._2t-f {
margin-left: 55% !important; 
div._1uh-, div._1uh-._2s24, div._1uh- {
margin-top: -68px !important;
._2t-f {
left: 520px;
position: relative;

Once those changes are in the Userstyles your SSB and Facebook will start to get along nicely.


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