Mac Enhancements

Installing and working with Homebrew

What is Homebrew (for Mac OS, not the homebrew you drink) Homebrew is the Mac equivalent of an application package manager. Package managers are fundamental...

Install custom dictionaries on MacOS

If you make use of the Apple, you may have wondered how to add other dictionaries to it. It's a relatively simple process. There...

XtraFinder – TotalFinder Alternative

Mavericks has added some long overdue features to Finder, such as Tabs. I've been using tabs for a few years, and I'm glad to see that a third party app is no longer required. But there are still many nifty features apps like TotalFinder provide. Now there's a free equivalent of TotalFinder. Learn about it here...

Quicklook plugins for EPUB files

Do you have epub eBooks on your computer? Here's a way to get QuickLook (part of OS X) to extract and present useful data from these epub files.

Floating app windows

Here is an easy way to make a window in OS X float above all other active and inactive windows. You can also add transparency. And it's free.

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