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Floating app windows

Have you ever wanted to force or pin a particular window to stay on top of every other window? So that it floats above every other window, even if another window is the active one?

Here’s a neat free OS X plug-in that will enable you to do just that.

Introducing Afloat

Afloat will allow you to:

  • Keep windows afloat / on top of all others
  • Pin windows to the desktop.
  • Move windows from anywhere, not just the title bar.
  • Turn a window into an “overlay” on your screen that doesn’t hinder your work.
  • Show a window’s file in the Finder with nothing more than your keyboard.
  • Resize windows from anywhere, not just the edges, and more.
  • Make windows transparent, and adjust the level of transparency.

Afloat is free and works very well. You access its features through the OS X Window menu that is present in the menu bar of all applications. Afloat adds new options to the Window menu in every application on OS X. Nice. You can download it from here.

By the way, the developer’s site does not mention Mountain Lion (10.8.x) compatibility, but I (and other people reporting online) find it works okay.

UPDATE: Having said that (about compatability) I have found this comment on a review of Afloat:

The plugin only works with a Cocoa based apps, not Carbon apps such as iTunes. It won’t work with every third party app, the most annoying of which being the official Twitter app, as that’s definitely something I’d prefer to keep transparent, but it definitely works with the likes of Safari and iChat. I use it for Skype, ImageOptim, and various other apps from time-to-time.

So… your milage with this app may vary. Please post a comment if you have issues with it. In the mean time I’ll keep an eye out for another way to achieve this in Mountain Lion with full Cocoa and Carbon support.

Downloading Afloat

Afloat has been taking offline, it seems. So here is a link to the latests copy I had on hand:

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  1. Hello, i tried the link to download Afloat, but it states “not found”. Can you please provide the correct link, or information about Afloat?
    Thank you

  2. Thanks very much for sharing your copy of the Afloat dmg. This is about the only place it’s still available online without being malwared up. Much appreciated!

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