Wednesday, April 24, 2024

AppleScript & Automation

Installing and working with Homebrew

What is Homebrew (for Mac OS, not the homebrew you drink) Homebrew is the Mac equivalent of an application package manager. Package managers are fundamental...

Fixing Yosemite Bluetooth Issues After Standby

Bluetooth failing and having issues after your Mac comes out of sleep? This is a known issue reported by OS X Yosemite users. Here's a solution that will likely resolve it.

Great backup control with TimeMachine Scheduler

Earlier today I posted an article on TimeMachineEditor. The current article is about a similar application, called TimeMachineScheduler. This is another way to easily make...

How to Copy-Paste encrypted disk & image passwords in Mac OS X

Here's how you can copy and paste long complex passwords into security dialogs (aka. SecurityAgent) on OS X, particularly when creating and opening encrypted disks and disk images.

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