Friday, June 9, 2023

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Quickly Change Network Location from Menu Bar

Do you regularly change your network location settings, depending on what network set up you wish to use, or where you are located? Here's the quick way to change your location, from the OS X menu bar.

Send real letters via Internet

Sometimes sending emails is not sufficient. Most people are overloaded with emails, and having a physical letter in their hands can make all the difference on whether or not they read your message. Here's how to send letters with the ease of sending an email.

ZIP and Archive viewer for OS X QuickLook

If you work with archived files (ZIP, RAR, TAR, etc.) wouldn't it be handy if the OS X QuickLook feature could show you the contents without having to open the file? Here's how to do that...

How to create a FAVICON in Photoshop for Mac OS X

If you do web design on your Mac, you may need to create FAVICON files (ICO files). If you use Photoshop, here's how to save a FAVICON / ICO file on Photoshop CS5, CS6, and CC.

Apps to spoof your MAC address

Two free tools to easily spoof (change) your computer's MAC network identification address, allowing you to use free yet time-restricted Wi-Fi networks indefinitely.

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