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Migrate Dashboard Configuration Mac OS X


If you are manually transferring your configuration from one Apple computer to another, or from an old OS X installation to a new one (such as from Snow Leopard to Lion) you’ll likely want to transfer your dashboard configuration. Here’s how:

Copy the following files from your old OS or computer to the same location on the new OS or computer. [user] is your username.

The actual widgets are stored in:


The dashboard layout and configuration date is stored in:


Then each widget has its own configuration file stored in:


Just search for


in that folder. For example, the weather widget has a configuration file called


As it is likely you don’t have a Spotlight index of the old drive or OS X installation, I suggest using a free tool like EasyFind to find the files you are after.

To restart your Dashboard without having to restart the computer open Terminal (just type Terminal into the Spotlight search [command-Space]. The paste or type this into Terminal:

killall -HUP Dock

Your dashboard should now look just the way it was on your old computer or previous OS X installation.


  1. Thanks for the tip. I worked just fine. The only problem I encountered was that all the text in my post-it notes is gone.. Is there any way to retreive that information?

    Jarle, Denmark

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