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Finder not restoring open windows and tabs on restart

Are you finding (no pun intended) that Finder is not consistently restoring open windows and tabs when you restart OS X? Here's a few possible solutions.

TrueCrypt on OS X Yosemite and beyond

TrueCrypt remains to be the best and more trustable cross-platform disk and file encryption system. Here's how to get it running on Yosemite and any other version of OS X

Remove and block overlays / annotations on Youtube videos

Here's a simple and effective way to block and remove the potentially annoying and obtrusive "annotations" (or overlays) that appear over the top of many Youtube videos. Nice.

Repositioning windows that are off top of screen

If you've ever had a window end up with its titlebar above the top of the screen, you might know how tricky it is to move it. With the title bar hidden, it may seem impossible. Here's a few easy solutions for repositioning rogue windows on OS X.

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