Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Google Apps

Create Google Account without getting gmail and plus account

Would you like to sign up for a Google account using your existing (non-Gmail) email address? Here's a non-Mac-Tip on how to create a fresh new Google account, minus the Gmail address and Plus account.

Access Google Voice over SIP (globally)

Looking for a SIPGATE alternative? Wanting to know how to use Google Voice from any country? In this article I'll explain how to access Google Voice using SIP/VOIP software from your Mac (and other other device).

Embed Existing Face Recognition Tags in Picasa Mac OS X

Picasa 3.9.x allows us to embed the face recognition data into an XMP tag on our photos. At long last. However, Google in their wisdom decided to not make this retroactive. Meaning all your existing photos will NOT have the face data embeded even when this feature is activated. Only new photos will get the desired embedding. What follows is detailed instructions on how I (and many other people) have embedded the face recognition tags into existing photos.

Best Google Voice software for Mac

I've been using Google Voice since it was first released. As an extensive traveller with lots of contacts in Canada and America, I find...

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