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Self-signed SSL certificates, CA flagged true, for Android and OS X

If you wish to run local web services, such as CalDAV, CardDAV, WebDAV, websites, etc., you may want to connect over SSL. Here are instructions on how to generate self-signed SSL certificates, on Mac OS X that have the CA flag set to TRUE, and which will be accepted my Android devices (which are particularly fussy about how an SSL certificate is cooked up).

Hiding usernames from your OS X login screen

Hide your Mac OS X username from the login screen. It's a simply security measure I recommend for people with laptops especially. Here's a couple of free and easy ways to do it.

Remove and block overlays / annotations on Youtube videos

Here's a simple and effective way to block and remove the potentially annoying and obtrusive "annotations" (or overlays) that appear over the top of many Youtube videos. Nice.

Free open-source end-to-end encryption iPhone app

There's now a free and open-source way to securely encrypt calls on iPhone, and its cross compatible with Android callers too. It's easy to install, and easy to use. Free txt messaging is on the way too. Check it out.

Mac Friendly VPN providers: HideIPVPN

There are a growing number of VPN service providers, a rapidly escalating industry after the Edward Snowden revelations about NSA spying programs. Not all VPN services are created equal, and not all are as Mac friendly as they could be. Here we will look at how HideIPVPN performs as far as Mac support, ease of use, privacy, and anonymity.

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