Tuesday, October 3, 2023


Fixing Yosemite Bluetooth Issues After Standby

Bluetooth failing and having issues after your Mac comes out of sleep? This is a known issue reported by OS X Yosemite users. Here's a solution that will likely resolve it.

SMTP failure on OS X Mail Yosemite

Apple Mail issues with SMTP have been widely reported since Yosemite was released. If your Mail app is struck with the SMTP blues, here's what may fix it.

OS X 10.9.5 Gatekeeper Code Signing issues

With OS X 10.9.5 Apple made some significant changes to the way Gatekeeper operates, which effectively broke many pre-Maverick (10.9.x) apps, preventing them from running. Here's a solution.

Restore File Name Label Colours in Mavericks

People who relied on color labels highlighting files and folders in Finder on per-Mavericks OS X were dismayed to discover this feature was removed by Apple, with no option for recourse. Here's an easy and free way to restore color labels (aka. tags) on filenames and folders in OS X 10.9+

Cleaning up the Adobe Premiere cache

If you use Adobe Premier (or Encore) you may have a large cache needlessly taking up your drive space. You can clean it up though. Here's how.

Remove duplicate entries in Open With menu

Open With menu getting loaded with duplicate application entries? Nice one Apple. Here are instructions on how to remove duplicates from the OS X Finder Open With menu.

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