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Easily modify file permissions and ACL on OS X

Those of us who like to dig below the graphical surface of OS X often end up in Terminal hacking away with Unix commands. Sometimes it's necessary to change file/folder permissions, and to set a file to be executable, etc. It's easy to do in Terminal, but there's also a nice way to do it with via the GUI using this app...

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Mute Audio Ads in Spotify

It's nice to have the free Spotify service, but what about the audio ads? They support the service, which is great. But there may be times when they are a pain in the arse.

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OS X 10.9.5 Gatekeeper Codesign issues

With OS X 10.9.5 Apple made some significant changes to the way Gatekeeper operates, which effectively broke many pre-Maverick (10.9.x) apps, preventing them from running. Here's a solution.

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Save video messages on Skype on OS X

Skype on OS X (and on Windows, for that matter) does not provide a way to save video messages. From what I understand, you'll need to pay for a pro version of Skype (according to what I've read in forums; it's not something I've confirmed with Skype.com) for the ability to save video messages. That sounds ridiculous to me. There's another way. I provide the simplest solution here.

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Free open-source end-to-end encryption iPhone app

There's now a free and open-source way to securely encrypt calls on iPhone, and its cross compatible with Android callers too. It's easy to install, and easy to use. Free txt messaging is on the way too. Check it out.

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Cheap long-distance calls from OS X and iPhone, and local numbers

For about 4 years now I have been using a service called LocalPhone. For people who travel a lot and/or make a lot of international calls to and from a range of countries, it’s an excellent service. LocalPhone provides very low rates for phone calls and text messages. When you turn up in a country, […]

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Mac Friendly VPN providers: HideIPVPN

There are a growing number of VPN service providers, a rapidly escalating industry after the Edward Snowden revelations about NSA spying programs. Not all VPN services are created equal, and not all are as Mac friendly as they could be. Here we will look at how HideIPVPN performs as far as Mac support, ease of use, privacy, and anonymity.

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Extract RAR files on Mac OS X

Received a RAR file and wondering the best and easiest way to extract it on your Mac OS X computer. Extracting RAR files is simple, and the best part is the tools for the job are free.

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Changing your mac address on iOS (iPhone, iPad)?

Is it possible to change the Media Access Control (MAC) address on an iPhone or iPad running iOS 6.x or 7.x ? Best-mac-tips has the answer. There's bad news, and good news.

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