Start and Stop OS X web server

OS X has a built in web server. For some users, especially web developers, it may come in rather handy. You can use it for locally hosting web sites (typically for development purposes), for running a local WebDAV server (which may, for instance, come in handy for local syncing of apps like OmniFocus). Here’s how to start and stop Apache on OS X.

Low Cost SSL and Dedicated IP Hosting

I’ve been hosting with Hostgator since February 2006. I spent the better part of a month researching a great many US and non-US based hosting providers before committing to hosting with Hostgator. With over eight years of first hand experience with Hostgator, I figure it’s time for a bit of a review—albeit a fairly basic […]

New iPad Air 2 Reviews and Videos

Apple has released their new iPad Air 2 device. To save you time digging around for video reviews on the iPad Air 2, here is a selection of informative videos about this product, and what you can expect from it. Big question is, if you’re already an iPad Air owner, is it worth splashing out for this new model?

Apple Logo Black

Repositioning windows that are off top of screen

If you’ve ever had a window end up with its titlebar above the top of the screen, you might know how tricky it is to move it. With the title bar hidden, it may seem impossible. Here’s a few easy solutions for repositioning rogue windows on OS X.


Easily modify file permissions and ACL on OS X

Those of us who like to dig below the graphical surface of OS X often end up in Terminal hacking away with Unix commands. Sometimes it’s necessary to change file/folder permissions, and to set a file to be executable, etc. It’s easy to do in Terminal, but there’s also a nice way to do it with via the GUI using this app…

Mute Audio Ads in Spotify

It’s nice to have the free Spotify service, but what about the audio ads? They support the service, which is great. But there may be times when they are a pain in the arse.